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Firefox search shortcuts make it easier to search WordReference

Imagine typing wr support, fren bonjour or itconj amare directly in the URL bar to load the corresponding WordReference dictionary entry or verb conjugation table. Search shortcuts make that possible. You will need to create a separate shortcut for each dictionary you use, assigning a unique ""keyword"" to each one.

Set up search shortcuts in your Firefox desktop browser in four easy steps.

  1. Which dictionary or conjugator do you want to use in your shortcut?
    Select your dictionary:
  2. Right-click* the box and choose ""Add a keyword for this search...""
    *Mac users should Ctrl-click if they cannot right-click.
  3. Fill in the ""New Bookmark"" properties as follows: search shortcut
    • Name: type a descriptive name for your search, e.g., WordReference English definition.
    • Folder: accept the default Bookmarks Menu unless you prefer to organize your shortcuts.
    • Keyword: type wr (or enen for English definitions).
      If you set up shortcuts for multiple dictionaries, remember that each one needs a unique keyword.
  4. Click Save.

Using your new shortcut:
search shortcut

wr fast
enfr easy

Click in the URL bar and type your keyword from step 3, followed by the term or phrase you want to look up. Press Enter to launch your search in the corresponding dictionary or conjugator.

The search shortcut is actually a bookmark, so you can always move it or delete via Bookmarks > Show All Bookmarks. However, if you click it directly like you would a normal bookmark, you will see a page that says ""Bad Request - Invalid URL."" Remember: to use your shortcut, you must type it in the URL bar followed by your search term(s).

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