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These old bookmarks/favorites still work:User seeks French translation of "hedge"

The WordReference link button allows you to quickly get a translation for any word in any web page.

The advantage of these buttons is that you can simply highlight a word and click the button.

To install (create the link):

Firefox, Mozilla:
  • Drag one of these links below to your Bookmarks Toolbar.
Internet Explorer:
  1. Right-click the link, choose "Add to Favorites...",
  2. and put it in the "Links" folder.
  3. When asked if you want to continue click "Yes".  (It is safe.)
  4. You can now drag it to where you want within the links toolbar, and use it.

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Now test it!

  1. Highlight any single word on this page (or any other) (usually by double-clicking on it).
  2. Press the ->Italian Dictionaryl Button (or whichever) button on your Web browser.
  3. You get a translation in a new window.

Other Firefox/Mozilla tools for WordReference?
Mozilla/Firefox has many possible tools that could be developed. My time is limited, but if you know how to, and are interested in developing a specific Mozilla/Firefox tool for WordReference, please write me through the "Contact Us" form in the WordReference forums.  I will make it available for everyone through this page.

A special thanks to Arturo T. for his improvements to the link buttons!